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Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"Christ is not a physical being, it is the godliness that enters your consciousness and destroys all that is unlike good--God. #DrMamieSmith"
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"Our purpose here on earth, is to reveal evidence of man's immortal being by rebuking sin, sickness and death. smithmamie.com"
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"Man can only be labeled "a son of God" if he expresses the qualities of Life, Truth and Love. #DrMamieSmith smithmamie.com"
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"We can only endorse truth to the extent that the Christ dwells within us. #DrMamieSmith"
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"When evil suggestions try to control your mind, replace them with love, joy, peace and good will. You lose if you don't replace them. #love"
Aug 18
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"Remembering that divine wisdom is ever-present, allows us to make the right decision in all situations. DrMamieSmith"
Aug 17
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"The wisdom and understanding God gives to each one of us, enables our nation to join together in unity and true brotherhood. #DrMamieSmith"
Aug 16
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"Divine Mind has given us the wisdom and understanding to handle any situation or condition we encounter in life. #DrMamieSmith"
Aug 15
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"To experience the goodness of God, we must have a consciousness filled with the goodness of God--pure thoughts armed with love. #politics"
Aug 2
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"Man's perfection comes from the Word of God, which scolds and corrects until he glows and shines in righteousness. #DrSmith"
Aug 1
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"The "breath of the Almighty" is the spiritual understanding He gave us to tackle and overcome all of the adversities of life."
Aug 1
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"America is great because the people who live in it are great--celebrate our greatness! http://unfoldingofarose.ning.com/"
Jul 31
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"If we are "one nation under God," let our thoughts, words and actions reveal it. Why so much anger, fear and antagonism toward each other?"
Jul 21
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"Listening to some of the speeches of the RNC Convention, I was saddened by the level of morality that our politics has been diminished to."
Jul 21
Mamie Smith Ed.D. posted a status
"Hatred, anger, ridicule have no place in the government of our nation and our world."
Jul 21
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Jun 25



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The Unfolding of a Rose pays tribute to the late Meta Rose Fluker-Yett. It expresses her concept of life, activity, and love of people. For over 17 years, she dedicated her life to connecting people with fashion, design, business acumen and man's humanity to man. These ingredients define the foundation of our mission.

As we reach out to people around the world, the force behind this outreach is the continuous unfolding of love, respect, kindness and impartiality. Many avenues will be explored, opportunites sort, and successes achieved. The Unfolding of a Rose represents the unfolding of ideas in human consciousness.


Each person is composed of an infinite supply of ideas. Let us use these ideas to serve mankind through higher levels of thought, deeper contemplation, inspired effort, solid committment, and persistent achievement.




Growth in Spirituality and Personal Development Improve Business 

The founder of Rio Boutique, Meta Yett, understood the importance of combining business and spirituality in her journey of personal development.  She knew as spirituality increases, business evolves, and personal growth flourishes.  



 Store Blog:  http://momandpoponlinestuffcom.wordpress.com/


What is spirituality?  Wikipedia says, "spirituality can refer to an ultimate or an alleged immaterial reality; an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of their being."  It is one's divine connection--man's oneness with God--the inner soul or spiritual sense that serves as the foundation of thought, word and deed.  Without it, one wanders in a sea of misconception, illusion, and spiritual imbalance.  Spiritual awareness leads to higher levels of thought, grace, and revelation.  It lifts us to the joy that none can take away, the wealth of ideas that are constant, and the business of doing good.  
What is personal development?  Consulting Wikipedia, it is that "development (which) includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitates employment, enhance quality of life, and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations."  Wow, what a mouthful?  Closer observance emphasizes how spirituality and personal development intertwine--one being the core or center of being of which all intelligence, wisdom, understanding and substance have their source, and the other, personal development, being the recipient of this deeper knowledge, culminating in positive action and implementation.
How does this recognition help in establishing and growing a business?  A business can be defined as the buying and selling of commodities and services to others--distributing these goods and services to consumers, and enhancing their lives.  Thus, it becomes essential that businesses "get it right."  Money and material growth cannot be the focus of growth and development.  Why? Because such shallowness breeds greed, irresponsibility, shoddy preparation, and immoral practices.  The "bottom line" cannot be the center and circumference of all business activity.  Business ownership needs personal development, and personal development derives from spirituality--the foundation of everything.  All three work together for the betterment of mankind.  Not only does spirituality include inner growth, it directs the manifestation of this growth through outward activities.  Actions follow thought, so getting it right means feeding and enlarging consciousness with supernal freshness.  The force that allows this consciousness to reach the mountain-top of success, is love--divine love--love that demonstrates "love thy neighbor as thyself."  Every individual is a neighbor.
Have you ever wondered why many wealthy and prestigious people are so unhappy, suffer from emotional and mental instability, and even kill themselves? They got it wrong!  Money, popularity, and power, became the focus of their lives, and these always lead to mental destruction.  
Meta knew this.  Her life was her spirituality.  It dictated decisions, finalized transactions and developed business acumen through prayer, meditation and divine revelation.  She loved people, and her richness accrued not from an enlarged bank account, but an enlarged consciousness, filled with hope, faith, laughter and joy.

"What Inspired you to write this book?"

"I wrote The Unfolding of a Rose because I believe my daughter's story should be told. Every person has a specific purpose for living. That purpose is to give to the world, thoughts, words and experiences that no other person can give. Each person's individuality is unique to himself. These expressions of individuality should not be a hindrance to the world, but should help make it a better place to live--thoughts that establish hope, faith, courage, strength, persistence and a sense of well-being, no matter what the circumstances are. These in turn, help everyone gain a higher sense of what life is--the divine activity of thought. The Unfolding of a Rose is my daughter's and my gift to the world."


How the disciples of Christian Science cope with fatal illness.


Posted August 29, 2008, 2:45 AM EST: I am always curious about the principles of Christian Science and wonder how the disciples of Christian Science would cope physically and psychologically when they themselves and their loved ones are struck by the fatal illness such as cancer. As one of the Christian Science people Mamie L. Smith shed light on the uniqueness of her faith to the readers of her book, THE UNFOLDING OF A ROSE, by explaining how her faith in Christian Science sustains her through her hardship and sadness of losing her daughter to cancer. After Meta, her daughter, passed away she picks up pieces of their business and continue on. Smith is an educator and a businesswoman and she neither claims that she is a scholar in Christian Science nor a professional writer. Yet this book is worth reading as a well composed case study of Christian Science belief and practice. My dear Mamie Smith, I am glad I read your book!


A reviewer

 Reader Rating 

Posted June 17, 2008, 10:53 AM EST: Mamie L. Smith in her book ‘The Unfolding of A Rose’ opened my eyes to the weakness in my faith and to the strength, courage and grace shown by the author. The author lost her beautiful Rose while she was in full bloom but Meta’s grace and courage lingers like perfumed air.

A Reader of The Unfolding of a Rose

Good morning Mamie:
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I am certain you were
personally healed while writing about “The Unfolding of A Rose”, because I
was healed while reading it, as I am sure other readers will experience as
well! This writing made me cry, laugh, gave me joy and hope. Your daughter
gave so much of herself while servicing her clients (family and friends). I
have yet to find a salesperson such as Meta’s lovely spirit. I am still
wearing so many of the beautiful accessories (earrings, dresses, suits,
coats and hats) that Meta sought out for my personal use. Compliments and
admirations have not ceased on the purchases that I utilize that Meta
selected for me with her savvy eye for fashion; and, I will never forget the
wonderful conversations, kindness and love that she showed to me during our
relationship. Keep hope alive in your writings and please know that Meta
will never be forgotten. In my opinion, this book is a success! Give my
regards to your Granddaughter! May God continue to bless you and yours.
Love always!

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday. We share the same date – – October 19th. I
am blessed to have turned 60 years old, in good health, saved, sanctified
and filled with the Holy Ghost. Let’s give God the Glory for the gift of
continued life. Love back!



Blog Posts

Open Thought: A Prayer for Detroit

Posted by Mamie Smith Ed.D. on August 23, 2016 at 11:21pm 0 Comments

Detroit:  The Comeback City!

Detroit:  The Comeback City!

There are glowing headlines about the "wonderful" things going on in the Big D!  

People  visiting from other cities are quick to express their glee in the revival of Detroit.  Yes . . . we are experiencing a renaissance, but the success is only in…



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What would you do if you were eleven years old, abandoned by your own mother; without a clue to where she had gone?…


Muhammad Ali I watched silently as the white, convertible Cadillac crept slowly down the street–the open top revealing the tanned, handsome young man seated in the back seat.  It was a street locate…

Posted by Mamie Smith Ed.D. on June 7, 2016 at 6:01pm 0 Comments

Muhammad Ali

I watched silently as the white, convertible Cadillac crept slowly down the street–the open top revealing the tanned, handsome young man seated in the back seat.  It was a street located in…


Attractive House FOR RENT - 3 Bedroom

Posted by Mamie Smith Ed.D. on May 19, 2016 at 9:42am 0 Comments


Email Only - No Phone Calls…

VIKKI CHAFLIN "Talks to the Author " with Dr. Mamie Smith

Posted by Mamie Smith Ed.D. on May 13, 2016 at 1:53am 0 Comments

Tune-in Sunday @ 5pm to "Talk to the Author" with Dr. Mamie Smith on eamtradio.com and hear Vikki Chaflin talk about the effects  laughter has on health!…


Open Thought Asks: Does Man Experience Eternal Punishment?

Posted by Mamie Smith Ed.D. on April 27, 2016 at 1:00pm 0 Comments

As a child and far into adulthood, I believed that if man sinned and was not "saved," he would suffer in hell eternally.  There would be "everlasting punishment!"  I do not believe that anymore.  Understanding Truth, Life and…


What Does Life Look Life After You Pass Away?

Posted by Mamie Smith Ed.D. on April 23, 2016 at 3:53pm 0 Comments

What Does Life Look Like After You Pass Away?

salvation Have you ever pondered such a question as the one above?  Do you believe there is life after death, or are you one of those people who runs away from such questions…



Posted by Mamie Smith Ed.D. on April 20, 2016 at 2:04pm 0 Comments

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